Thung Wua Lean Beach

Thung Wua Lean is the highlight and famous beach of Chumphon. The beach has white fine sand and remains natural.

Mangrove Forest, Mu Koh Chumphon National Park

Mangrove forest is a part of Mu Koh Chumphon National Park where connected with the wooden bridge walkaways for nature study of plants and wild animals. This national park consists of more than 40 islands.

Had Sai Ree Beach

It is scenic white sandy beach. Around the corner of the beach, there is the monument of Prince Kromluang Chumphon Khet Udomsak who found the royal Thai Navy.

Prince Chumphon Warship

It is a torpedo warship which has 68 meters length and 6.55 meters width. This warship was put out off the duty on 22nd November 1975 then moved to Hat Sai Ree in 197.

Khao Din Sor View Point

Khao Din Sor is the best place for watching Raptor Migration on October. Khao Din Sor is the highest mountain in Pathio district. This place will serve the people who want to travel through a forest. It will take about 2 hours to reach to the top of the mountain.

Mutsea Mountain View Point

Located on the Gulf of Chumphon on the way to Sai Ree beach from Chumphon town, you will see the panoramic view overlooking the gulf. There is also the statue of Bodhisattva Kuan-Im for worship.

Wat tam Khao Phlu temple (Southern Langur Temple)

The area is cover with limestone mountain rage in beautiful shape, parallel to the road. This is the habitat of 3 flocks of southern langurs. They will come and find some food in the afternoon.

Saphli Market

The local maker is about 4 km away from Thungwualean Beach. Here you can find the local product, fresh seafood, and food stall.

Chumphon Night Market

It is located in the Chumphon city center in the same area of shoping mall and night bazaar. You can find a variety of local food such as Padthai, mussel pancake, fried chicken with sticky rice and so on.

Excursion and Activities

Snorkeling trip Mu Koh Chumphon National Park

Day trip to Koh Nang Yuan

Squid Trapping

Kite Surfing

November-mid January

Speed Boat to Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, Koh Samui

Rafting at Pratoh